daoko – GIRL | an analysis pt. 1

Recently I watched the unexpected “sequel” to the infamous anime music video “ME!ME!ME!” (TeddyLoid feat. daoko) and was blown away. In my opinion, GIRL completely blows ME!ME!ME! out of the park in terms of imagery and symbolism — there’s just so much chaos going on in GIRL that makes it a joy for me to pick apart. Of course everything I’m going to write in the rest of this post is just subjective, but hopefully it makes an interesting read for people who are interested in the meaning behind the video.

First impressions — the video itself is gorgeous. So much color and vibrancy and psychedelic sparkle. I want to screenshot every frame of this video and make it my desktop wallpaper. A lot of people are saying the girl in question — long, straight, turquoise hair with bangs — is supposed to be the demon minion chick from ME!ME!ME! but it doesn’t really make much sense to me plus there are a few distinct design differences (the sharp cat-eye, for one) and not enough parallels drawn to the original to make me think this is convincing. She seems to be modeled after daoko, instead.

I’m just going to state my theory here — this music video is about enjo kousai (援助交際). The protagonist is lonely and suffers from low self-esteem, some common traits of girls who participate in enkou. She seeks refuge from loneliness by entering a fantasy world of her own creation, attempting to make the things she does for companionship and validation beautiful in hopes of disguising what they really are and how she really feels about them.


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