Crawl out through the fallout


The other day Louise sent me this pic saying it was my blog. Oh how accurate.

In other news my finals are over and all I have to do is await my awful results. In the meantime I’ve just been alternating between Fallout 4 and Dota 2. Life is mediocre but I’ve at least managed to fix my body clock — I crash at 1 AM and wake up from 8-10 AM which is something I haven’t done since, what, primary school? I amaze myself.

Fallout 4 is quite engaging though. In a way not much has changed from FO3 and New Vegas but whatever has been added I appreciate — the crafting/mods system, the settlements system, okay, maybe not so much the new perks system. The major problem that’s keeping me from finishing the game, besides the sheer amount of side quests and content, is which faction to ally with. Right now I’m in good books with all of them, but I just can’t bring myself to pick one.

Spoilers ahead.

The Minutemen: basically the “goodest” of the “good guys”. But they’re like rednecks and hilbillies compared to the rest and that just makes me lol and not want to help them. They seem the least vengeful and angry though.

The Institute: MY SON. I can understand why they’re doing what they do? Plus I’d choose to live there any day than mope around a radioactive wasteland. But they treat synths like tools when they’re… basically human. *PH1101E commences*

The Railroad: I might just side with them just because Deacon is awesome. They’re like the freedom fighters? Liberators? Revolutionaries? I don’t even know. But sometimes they seem way too idealistic and probably would torch the Institute indiscriminately huh.

The Brotherhood: I kind of hate the way their faction is organized — like seriously I cannot get behind any kind of militaristic system ugh it just pisses me off, what with ranks and “don’t talk back to me recruit”. Probably my least favorite as of now, I only played along with them to romance Danse. The upside is they have the big guns and power armor.

Sigh. How. At this rate I’ll never finish the game.


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