Life: GameStart 2015 summary + more

I feel a little guilty because I got a small following after the publication of my daoko analyses but hey, I’ve been busy (with Fallout 4).

I’ll just follow up with a shittily summarized update of my life in the past two months or so.

I attended GameStart Asia 2015 with Yx the past Saturday and had a pretty good time. It wasn’t as crowded as it was last year, possibly owing to the fact that last year’s event was the first of its kind and the novelty kind of wore off after people realized they’d be shelling out ten bucks or more to be standing in a queue for three hours. (Yes, I did. To play Evolve. For five minutes.) This year there was an actual Blizzard booth — there was a 40-50 minute long queue to try out games but to be honest I wasn’t sure why people were queueing because none of the terminals had Overwatch. I was disappointed but then again they never mentioned that it would be available for the public to try out. Every two hours they held a giveaway where they tossed merchandise to an audience if they could answer some Blizzard-themed questions correctly. Also there was a counter where you could sign up for guaranteed beta access to Legion and redeem a free League of Explorers pin. And water tattoos which were super high quality but probably ripped off all the hairs on my hand when I was trying to get it off at the end of the day.

I got to use an Oculus Rift from a booth promoting game design-related courses, which was pretty cool. I felt a little disoriented and floaty at first but I really loved the sensation of looking at game graphics in “real life”. Felt like I could reach out and touch all the magical shiny assets but if I did I’d probably just knock the glasses off the guy who was trying to explain stuff to me.

What really impressed me the most was the local developers — I had no idea the Singapore game industry had so many polished-looking games (of course, not all were). Of course there was a focus on mobile but the PC games I managed to try out had cool mechanics, unique art styles and were quite enjoyable to play. I really liked my experience with Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop!?, which I’m very sorry to admit that I only just heard of at the event itself. Going to purchase it as soon as I can, because I’m a sucker for tycoon/simulation games. Also ‘cos the promoter gave me free keychains.

After that I had to rush home to quickly prepare for Yx’s 21st birthday which was on the 15th. I surprised him with a couple of his closest friends and he totally wasn’t expecting it which just made it that more exciting hehe. It was my first time planning something like this and I was constantly beating myself up inside about things I did wrong or could have done better but hey he liked it so I guess I can stop internally groaning every time I remember a little failure that happened.

On a completely unrelated note, two weeks ago I publicly sang at a small restaurant for the first time in my life. It was traumatizing at first but it got way better as time passed and I got more comfortable with it. It wasn’t without mistakes, considering I was called in by my friend to do it last minute (and I stupidly agreed) and we had no practice at all… but what do. I tried to roll with it and I think we managed to do a pretty good acoustic rendition of You Give Love A Bad Name to three or four tables of diners. Until I reached the last chorus and had no idea how to end it. I did a few  songs solo off my Japanese repertoire (can I even say that), one of which elicited a half-hearted clap in response. Which was great and somewhat of a confidence boost, because the audience was more focused on eating/drinking than listening and hardly ever applauded. Maybe I’ll get to do more of these in the future? Hopefully I won’t be a ball of nerves again.

Anyway that’s about it. I’ll try to be more diligent about this blog in the future. It’s quite a stress reliever.


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