Unremarkable at best


Never realized that gradient skies actually exist in Singapore. From a purely design point of view I have to say I never really liked gradients (or ombrés, fuck that word, I think it sounds really pretentious); they just remind me too much of bad Microsoft Word word art, poorly designed powerpoint slides and MS Paint. Come to think of it, something that people would consider objectively beautiful — sunsets — are gradient reds fading into yellows into pinks… but I don’t like those either. I don’t spend a lot of time looking at the sky, in retrospect. Probably implying that I’m somehow more pragmatic than idealistic, but what has the sky got to do with anything? I’d rather build a plane with my own two hands then travel the world in it, than spend years staring at the clouds and pondering cliché things like how all of humanity is standing under the same sky and wow that’s amazing, mouth agape and feet unmoving.

Sometimes I feel like my eyelashes are too short and my nose too misshapen for me to appreciate any kind of beauty without bitterness, but as I stood at the boardwalk trying to find the line in the sky where blue met yellow I kind of felt it.

Or maybe it was just the sea breeze.


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