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Starting a new blog here because I’ve made the conscious decision to put a little more effort in my writing. I’ve come to realize that a lot of the simmering feelings of injustice and unhappiness residing deep inside me come from the fact that I don’t have a good outlet besides Twitter to let my rage and emotions explode — and I dislike Twitter precisely because I use it as an excuse to let myself be incoherent, aggressive and downright explosive about my views. And I don’t really want my Twitter feed to be one full of rants, because it used to be about cats and penis jokes and I kind of miss that.

It took me a long time to come up with a new blog address which I’m still not completely satisfied with: incomputers, or In Computers, a combination of Radiohead’s OK Computer and In Rainbows which are probably two of my favorite albums (at least, this month). There’s not really much meaning behind it but I love Radiohead. As of now the blog title is just a Stephen King reference, subject to change whenever I feel like a hipster.

I’ll use this as a space to talk about things I’m passionate about, e.g. video games, art, music, LGBT/gender issues, Stephen King, comic books, anime, horror, H. R. Giger, Japanese, Dota 2, local issues, Jurassic Park, the current state of the economy, manga about culinary school, BioWare RPGs.

Alright gonna draft up a post on Pink Dot, which I attended last weekend.


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